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  • Qualcomm new 64-Bit chipset.!

    Now as a innovation and competition Qualcomm announced its first 64-bit mobile chipset.
    That named as the Snapdragon 410.

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  • Mozilla is coming…. With FIREFOX OS…!!

    There are many operating system in world like as windows, android ,BBoS , iOS , etc. which has specific position in market. Now in the addition of it Mozilla group launched their Firefox os. But that Firefox is only available for limited ultra basic smart phones like ZTE. Now its inaugural handset is launched by LG ,the Fireweb. That device is of 4-inch display of 480 x 320 display. With powerful processor of 1 GHz Qualcomm and having storage of 4GB of expandable. It has 5 megapixel camera. It has auto focusing and an LED flash. At the internet browser category the Mozilla’s work is praising. At official not all things are confirmed but this will rock the market. As the aspect all the success is depend on its app store place and update about next operating system. Lets what we get…from Firefox.!!

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