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  • Facebook going to purchase Whats App for $19 billions.

    Facebook is going to pay $4 billion in cash, $12 billion in
    stock and additional $3 billion in restricted stock which
    will vest over the four years after the deal’s closing.

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  • AIRTEL new offer to use FREE FACEBOOK….!!

    Facebook is the number one social networking site worldwide.
    It has most social users in world as compared to other social sites.

    Bharti Airtel launching new service to give customers advantage of social networking.

    Airtel launching a service which offers free Facebook access in 9 Indian languages to its
    prepaid customers across India.

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  • facebook new addition

    Mainly on Facebook when a sad status gets seen. Then we give him a sympathy by liking it’s status. This feels odd. Really this is so odd. If you are giving anyone sympathy by liking it. Don’t say it. Now, Facebook is trying to give its users a alternative to the ‘like’ option. a ‘sympathise’ button. This will help to understand the condition and your view towards that topic. A Facebook engineer has come up with a solution for this type of a situation a ‘sympathise’ button. It will worked like if any Facebook user want tag his or her status with a negative emotion the ‘sympathise’ button would automatically replace the ‘like’ button. Facebook also denied to add “dislike” button.

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  • Mobile app and Mobile Browsing usage.

    In Mobile Application and Browsing usage survey, Google taken a lead with 88%. Facebook is at second spot with 84.4%. Yahoo is at third position with 77.9%. Amazon is at fourth position with 65.3%. Then for fifth position there is so closeness between Apple at 49.6%, AOL at 49.5%, Pandora at 48.5%. And then Microsoft site at 8th position with 48.1%. app usage data is different. Facebook is leading at 75.5%. Google Play’s takes 54% with second position. But according to listing in app usage Google is all over in list. Other data is listed in photo. Source data.

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