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  • Apple is on the way to Patent new Waterproof technology

    There are so less companies who are oriented towards new innovations. Some of them are Samsung , Lg , Sony. Other small companies just follow those big giants technology. Here I am talking about Apple, Apple’s innovative focus is more oriented towards its new features and technology. Some of the previous Apple’s innovative technologies :- Apple iPhone 7 patents: Sidewall displays Accident-free buttons Curved display Greater touch accuracy Flexible iPhone Face Password Touch ID display (Finger print scanner) Home button joystick iPhone camera patents 3D photographs Interchangeable camera lenses   Apple started its next campaign towards wearable devices and other place it’s also focusing on water proof capability of Apple Devices. Rumours is that Future Apple iPhone models might be waterproof. According to reports Apple files a patent regarding research on water resistant hardware and devices. How apple devices are going to be waterproof ?        Mainly waterproof devices are coated with full covering of Hydro or metallic substances. This helps to resist water from entering into device. Apple’s new technology is depend upon Hydrophobic substances and on plasma layer on internal components like Hardware and battery. This coating of hydrophobic substances on apple devices and plasma assisted layer on internal components will help device to protect from water and dust. Did you know ? That layer is small near about one and ten microns. To protect Connectors which are mainly exposed to surrounding are going to protect via silicone layer seals. What’s new in this patent ?                                               If you observed then you can check that methods used by other companies such as Samsung and Sony are sealing of ports. If you check Samsung Galaxy S5 or

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  • Expections from Apple’s Spring forward Event

    What a rocking enthusiasm we have seen in MWC 2015 (Mobile World Congress 2015). If you are thinking that after MWC there is no new news in tech world then you are wrong. Most of the tech companies showed there upcoming plans in MWC 2015.  😛 . When MWC 2015 is started everyone wanted to know about the future plans of APPLE in coming year. Absence of Apple in MWC 2015 made many Apple lovers bit nervous. There is a good news to Apple lovers. On coming Monday March 9 Apple is going to hold “Spring Forward” event to represent companies new strategy and plans with Apple’s new Devices and Gadgets. ** Details about Apple’s “Spring Forward” ** NAME of Event : Apple Spring Forward 2015 Day : Monday March 9 Time of Event : 10 a.m. PDT How can you watch it ?             Mostly Apple’s events are live-streamed on Apple’s Website. If you are unable to watch it then you have to wait until it’s get aired on Youtube. If you are OSX and iOS users the it will be easy for you to watch “Spring forward” without any disturbances. Key-points on which Apple is going to focus: Apple Watch Wear devices New applications for Apple Watch New 12-inch MacBook Air with Retina display The 12-ich iPad Pro New version of iOS – 8.2 New music streaming service It will be great to watch all those devices on Monday.             **  Let’s  check out some of them side by side:  ** Apple Watch In 2015, It’s not new thing that wearable electronic devices will be tech-centric as compared to mobile devices. After Samsung’s Gear watch , Sony’s smart watch , LG’s G watch , Motorola’s 360 watch and Microsoft’s watch band, everyone is waiting

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  • Apple going to improve camera quality…!!

    Apple is going to improve camera quality of their smartphones.
    This improvements are generally based upon autofocus and OIS technology.

    Recently Apple filed a patent on US patents website for development of a new camera stabilization mechanism.

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  • Apple going to launch iWatch soon..!!

    Smartness is not only for mobile phones.

    Many major companies are trying to load it on various electronic device.

    Watch is also from that.

    Samsung launched Gear a smart watch now,
    Rumors are that Apple iWatch will finally be launched
    in October 2014.

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