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Apple is on the way to Patent new Waterproof technology


There are so less companies who are oriented towards new innovations. Some of them are Samsung , Lg , Sony. Other small companies just follow those big giants technology. Here I am talking about Apple, Apple’s innovative focus is more oriented towards its new features and technology. Some of the previous Apple’s innovative technologies :-

  • Apple iPhone 7 patents: Sidewall displays
  • Accident-free buttons
  • Curved display
  • Greater touch accuracy
  • Flexible iPhone
  • Face Password
  • Touch ID display (Finger print scanner)
  • Home button joystick
  • iPhone camera patents
  • 3D photographs
  • Interchangeable camera lenses

  Apple started its next campaign towards wearable devices and other place it’s also focusing on water proof capability of Apple Devices. Rumours is that Future Apple iPhone models might be waterproof. According to reports Apple files a patent regarding research on water resistant hardware and devices.

How apple devices are going to be waterproof ?



       Mainly waterproof devices are coated with full covering of Hydro or metallic substances. This helps to resist water from entering into device. Apple’s new technology is depend upon Hydrophobic substances and on plasma layer on internal components like Hardware and battery. This coating of hydrophobic substances on apple devices and plasma assisted layer on internal components will help device to protect from water and dust. Did you know ? That layer is small near about one and ten microns. To protect Connectors which are mainly exposed to surrounding are going to protect via silicone layer seals.

What’s new in this patent ?

                                              If you observed then you can check that methods used by other companies such as Samsung and Sony are sealing of ports. If you check Samsung Galaxy S5 or Sony Xperia‘s waterproof devices they use sealing of ports technology to resist water from entering into device’s internal body. But, here Apple is going to develop different than those companies.

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