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MixRadio is going to available on other platforms…??


        Blackberry smartphones are so famous for the BBM (Blackberry Messenger). I know many of people, they want to experience BBM so it makes them to buy Blackberry Smartphone. There are many features in BB os which makes it unique. But, now Blackberry is struggling to survive in Mobile market. In last year Blackberry unveiled BBM app for android, Windows platform. I don’t know strategy behind it.


                  This thing is so much related to Nokia. After saying bye-bye to Symbian and MeeGo platform Nokia selects Windows Phone OS. Windows phones OS and now Nokia is also part of Microsoft corporation. News is that Nokia’s most popular application MixRadio is no longer remains only for Windows. There is huge possibility that in next days you can use it on another platform. Microsoft and Nokia is planing to make this independent like as BBM.


                 Nokia’s VP of Entertainment, Jyrki Rosenberg, said that many investors are positive in favour of MixRadio.
             Whats going on..? First BBM and now MixRadio. But, One thing is clear that you can enjoy this service on your favourite platform.

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