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Windows 8.1 now officially confirmed !!


Windows 8.1 now officially  confirmed !!


There are many rumors and leaks about Windows 8.1 update now it is confirmed officially by Microsoft. This update is going to bring many stunning features. Old Windows powered devices will get that update according to technical or you can say hardware specifications. New WP 8.1 powered devices will launch in end of April or May.          

              Virtual assistant makes smartphone friendly and easy to use. With Android’s Google and Apple’s Siri assistant Microsoft is also going to launch Windows Phone’s personal virtual assistant- CORTANA. Cortana plays an important role in Windows 8.1 to set events, remainders and other exciting stuff. You can access it by voice recognition like as Google Now. Cortana will available in US first then UK and China. Other countries will get it later on.            


                Finally Windows 8.1 is going to bring notification panel for WP devices called Action Centre. It includes setting toggles which contains brightness control, location management, Wi-Fi ,GPRS and Bluetooth switch and many things. Below that toggle panel you will be able to get all ongoing notifications such as emails,  missed calls and etc.            

                 Microsoft updated the lock screen and custom tile backgrounds of WP. This Windows update is fully personalizable where you can take control of lock screen and you can also change the theme of tiles with exciting custom backgrounds . You can add third live tile on home screen which is so cool.  Nice work done by Microsoft in Personalization category.              


                 And now it comes to internet. Windows means Internet Explorer must be there to  provide fast and secure internet browsing. Windows 8.1 comes with new updated version of Internet Explorer 11. IE 11 comes with password manager and private mode  browsing.  Users are able to upload files via IE 11 in WP with HTML5 video player for YouTube.           
                   As I told you about VPN in last post this update coming with VPN support. You can surf the web securily with it.         
              You will enjoy the new updated sense apps mainly Battery Power Sense.          
                New shipment of Windows 8.1 devices may contain on screen keys like as Sony Xperia devices. With three buttons search key,  back key and Windows key.        
              Micosoft extended its Low-end CPU support which will be helpful to Microsoft partner to build more. In coming days many new companies are going to launch there WP 8.1 low-end devices. Low-end CPU support means WP able to run on processors such as the Snapdragon 200 and 400 which are not powerful.              
                 Now you can access or communicate people you want with the help of Quiet hours. In that function you have to set any period of day when you want your availability hidden. At hidden time selected group of people you want can communicate with you. This feature called as “QUIET HOURES”.              

            Wordflow Keyboard – A new option in the Windows Phone 8.1 keyboard which helps you to write quickly by swiping through the letters.               

            The Windows Phone 8.1 update will be officially released in the coming months, while new devices will start shipping with it starting late April or early May.

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