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Microsoft is paying other companies to make WP8.


Microsoft is trying every possibility to grab mobile market.
It is not easy for Microsoft to challenge Android.
More than 80% mobile companies (including local and global) worldwide use Android as OS platform.

To fulfill that requirement Microsoft is going to pay other mobile companies to make WP8.

Microsoft has acquired the Nokia’s handset division.
Microsoft is spending $1 billion a year to phone makers for WP8.

Means for one WP8 model Microsoft is paying to each company.

Let’s talk about that offer:-

Samsung has accepted the deal to make WP 8.
Samsung will be receiving $1.2 billion for that job.

(1) Samsung $ 1.2 billion
(2) Sony $ 0.5 billion
(3) Huawei $ 0.6 billion
(4) others $ 0.3 billion.

Microsoft owns the Lumia line so,we can say that Microsoft also owns around 90% of the market .

Nokia may be making an Android-powered phone .
Microsoft is making a licensing deals over Android.

Microsoft is trying all possibilities to acquire mobile market.


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