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Windows 9 coming soon..!!


Microsoft’s Windows 8 is a personal computer operating system.
Windows 8 brings many major changes to user interface to improve its user experience on tablets.
Windows 8 is also available on mobile.

Windows 8 added support:-
(1) USB 3.0
(2) Advanced Format hard drives (3) near field communications
(4) cloud computing
(5) built-in antivirus software.
  This are the new features were added in Windows 8.

Windows 8 has so many difficulties specially it is hard to use via keyboard and start menu is not available in Windows 8.

Rumors are pointing towards launching of Windows 9.
It will be available in April next year.

Believes that Start menu should be making a comeback in Windows 9.
Windows 9 should be the updated or you can say improve version of Windows 8.1.

There is no idea what is in the mind of Microsoft.
Microsoft is concentrating more on WP mobiles than PC.

Now wait and watch…!!

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Hello. I’m Saurabh Patil, pursuing my B.E. at AISSMS's Institute Of Information Technology, India. I am a computer programmer, android developer and web developer. Becoming an Blogger and developer, I have to come with lot of responsibility. Today we are using technology to make our life simpler. My efforts are to make our life with full of technology. To make masses of the world computer literate we have to work hard.

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