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Nokia and Android…!


Nokia and Microsoft are the two best players in there field.
Microsoft’s presence in Nokia making big impact on it.
Nokia accepts Windows OS eco-system and dropped
Symbian and MeeGo support.
Nokia dropped Symbian and MeeGo officially.
Many rumors are coming from it to making of Android
phone by Nokia.

And this news is addition to Nokia’s Android smartphone.

Nokia’s smartphone which runs on Android v.4.4.1 appears on AnTuTu in last week.

Everywhere there is discussion about Nokia’s Android phone.

This smartphone which is called as a “Normandy”,is considered as a highly modified version of Android.

Rumor is also that this version is hybrid of Android and Windows OS ecosystem.

In last year Nokia denied that news officially.
@evaleaks uploaded some pictures of Normandy and suggested that the Nokia’s Normandy project is still alive.

According to sources,
The hardware data for a Normandy as appeared on AnTuTu, indicating that the handset has following features:-

(1) Snapdragon processor
(2) 5MP camera
(3) screen with a resolution of 858 by 480 pixels.
(4) Android 4.4.1.

Not exact inforamtion is available this time.
All the features and information is based on leak photos by @evaleaks in last week.

If Nokia going to launch that smartphone in market then we have to wait till MWC 2014.

Stay tuned for further update..!!

Nokia’s future and fact about Normandy….!!

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