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Nokia’s future and fact about Normandy….!!


Nokia and Microsoft are the two best players in there field.
Microsoft’s presence in Nokia making big impact on it.

Nokia accepts Windows OS eco-system and dropped Symbian and MeeGo support.

Nokia dropped Symbian and MeeGo officially.

Many rumors are coming from it to making of Android phone by Nokia.

Microsoft has been working hardly to make Windows Mobile Store better than iTune store and Play store.

Microsoft and Nokia realized that to acquire mobile market they have to focus on low-budget smartphones.

At low-budget category Android is doing well performance as compared to other.

News is that company is working on an Android phone.

They want to push new smartphones in the low-end market.

according to sources,
Nokia is working on the project
under the code name “Normandy”

They are not going to pull Android as it is…!!
This is something as much like as Amazon.

The way Amazon has customized the OS for its Kindle Fire tablets.

This way Nokia is going to put it in their smartphones.

However, Normandy will support Android apps including Skype.

Nokia already dropped Symbian OS.
Question rises What is the future of Asha Platform.

There is possibility of replacement for Nokia’s Asha line with new OS that Nokia is going to develope for low-budget device.

Those who were working on the Normandy project
apparently were told the device was on track for
release next year.

Microsoft reportedly is planning to offer its
mobile operating systems  Windows Phone and
Windows RT for free.

Microsoft will not give up here to accept Android as it is…!!

There are many possibilities it can be Hybrid of Windows and Android means Linux based Os.

Question rises if Nokia going to use Android or Linux based OS.
Why Nokia dropped MeeGo Os which is Linux based?

Jolla going well with the help of MeeGo platform.


Whatevere it is….!!
One thing is clear that as competition is increasing in Smartphones Battle..!!
We will get best of them….

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  1. Suraj /

    The Nokia’s coming smartphone will give battery backup more than other smartphone. ..??

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