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Windows getting it’s place..!!


It’s back again…!!
Nokia’s Lumia Windows based handset getting popularity day by day and it is shown in increasing it’s market share.

Kantar Worldpanel released its report of review on Windows and other os.

They have shown the data of 3-month period ending in
October 2013.

Windows Phone achieved and crossed past the 10% market share mark in Europe.

This is greater than the same period of
At 2012 it was at 4.7% market share.

From sources and evaluation tells us that there is a big part of 520 in that achievement.

75% of Nokia
Lumia phones sold in the UK for the quarter were
Lumia 520 and Lumia 620 phones.
It is to similar to EU market.

Android also gains more benchmark from
63.9% to 70.9% market share in a year.


Blackberry is losing it’s share day-by-day.

Don’t know but addition of new OS is going to launch.
Firefox OS making storm in UK.
And now many smartphone OS are ready to rock.

And many hardware upgrade i.e., Octacore processor,Intel and Mediatek processor are also ready to look out which will accelerate your smartphone.

[ for octacore processer information::

http:// ]

But one thing is clear that company’s innovation increment will increase their market share.


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