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Octa-core coming…!!


Processing unit has more importance in any gadget.

That unit makes it smart and easy to use.

That central processing unit is fitted on or cooperated on a single integrated circuit.(IC)

That unit also called as MICROPROCESSOR.
On that unit system’s Multipurpose digital data carried out .
It accept it as a digital data as input and processes on it.

According to instructions it works on input and gives us output.

microprocessors is in personal computers
And used for computation, text editing,
multimedia display, and communication
over the Internet.

As its use in mobiles make it smart.

In any electronic device single chip or on a few chips greatly
reduced the slowness of processing .

As many devices are launched which have quad core.

And now MediaTek which is popular for its processor announce a chipset with a octa-core processor.
MediaTek was the first to announce a
chipset with a true octa-core processor.

That can make a big change in smartphone segment which is so praising and dynamic toward technology.

The UMI X2S which is a Chinese brand is going to launch its smartphone with octa-core processor.

Rumors are also that the new upcoming Samsung galaxy s5 is launched with that chipset.


Such types of chipset can change the world and the way we work on it.

Really,It can change the all concept toward mobile phones.

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