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Nokia and smart watches…!!


As the first part of technology…!!
When smart phones arrived it was the good notification to development of technology in human life.

And nowadays,
Thank god ….
It is not stop here.
All the big electronics device manufacturing companies trying to use that smartness in other products such as refrigerator , televisions,etc etc.
And good thing is that they get successful in that conversion change.

Many companies launched their smart TV’s where you can enjoy it smartly. Samsung get big praising review from it.

Now,mostly big companies are concentrating on smart watch. Apple, Samsung tried well.
But,now Nokia going to challenge them with their classified smart watch which is based on window’s os.

It’s Cool …..!!!

Actually that’s not a big talk but more than people, companies are interested in it. Because of response of average people.

Samsung has already made it and it is so stunning.
Apple and Google are working on it.
But, now Nokia is going to launch it soon.

There are more functions which are so crazy and future based such as brightness of it’s display and its sensor which locates the viewing angle of man who wears it. That’s not stop here rumors also gossiping that it can sense the heartbeats and more.

Let’s see what can it do….!!
Hope it will remove Nokia from its success ratio which is going down(except last month)

NOKIA have to improve quality and development on features because, their are plenty of companies which are trying to research or develop on wearable gadget.

There is more possibility that Nokia can use their multi display patent which is awarded to Nokia.

If it is succeeded it is possible to check our multi support notification at first view.

Can u imagine it….???


Multi display watch…!!
You can check your mails,data, and other.

That watch obviously powered by window’s metro ui….!!!

Let’s see ….!!
How it fulfills our expect ion

In some days ,
Apple is also focusing on their watch…

Their is tough competition on it…..

It’s good…!!

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