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The golden era of windows xp ending shortly….!!!


When we talk,see or thought about computers we find that or we get that their is no space of computers without microsoft and linux.
Actually,those are different concepts.
But,both are legends where as  many applications and operating systems are nothing without linux platform.

As talking about most popular os we recalls that it is Microsoft’s Windows XP.
As the best Windows xp is an operating system used on personal
computers , including home and business
desktops, laptops and media centers.
It’s edition gets launched on August 24,2001.
It is the second most popular version of windows based operating system.
It is so famous that it recalls as “EXTENDED POWER”
Actually, it is short for “eXPerience”.
After the most banged successor to microsoft windows 2000 & windows ME.
The windows xp is the more consumer oriented operating system.
That’s the reason it is more famous than any other os.

It is the os which is build by microsoft on the NT kernel platform which is praising.

After stoping the direct sell of windows xp os on june 30,2008.

Microsoft launchs its new windows v.7 os and decleares that extended support and secuirity updates of windows xp and office 2003 would end on April 8, 2014.
Though,many peoples use it they have to get updated on the new os of windows.
The graphical user interference of window xp make people to addicts of it.
Windows xp version also recevied tag line of most usable user friendly os.

This is also identified for stability and improvement in features because of assemble of C, C++ programmed language.

That’s not stop here it is so smart operating system which can analyze the performance impact of visual effects.

Though microsoft is going to stop publish its update there is big community which uses windows xp.

Windows XP was the
most widely used operating system till August 2012, when Windows 7 overtook it.

That’s it….!!!
We enjoyed our lot of time on it….!!


Source : microsoft pic

This era of windows xp is going to end…soon….!!!

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