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Shit…..!!! It happens…..


Open source platform is going towards
Linux-based Tizen OS
The open source MeeGo operating system (which is in n8), is failed the focus of mobile fanatics, so it has been
finally be killed off. The Linux-based operating
system, once developed by Nokia and Intel
as the future of phones, will be launching into
a new OS, called Tizen.
The news comes direct from The Linux
Foundation, which says that Samsung and
Intel will lead the way on Tizen’s development,
with presence of other companies  too, which are interested on it.
Panasonic, Vodafone and Telefonica have all
signed up.
MeeGo most recently appeared on the smart
new Nokia N9, but its chances were always in
doubt after Nokia decided to plump for
Microsoft’s Windows Phone to lead its
smartphone primary os.
For what it’s worth Tizen will apparently start
landing on phones, tablets and Smart TVs next
year. But does the world really need another
OS at a time when we’re presence with other smart linux based os such as ANDROID.

it may be wrong decision of nokia to sllipped out meego os…as competation is increasing as many os will be launching soon…!!


Source: tech photos

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